Bašta Zeta is a project of the nonprofit organization 501C3 Operation Mobilization (Oranizacija Milosti).
All donations are tax deductible.

July 2021 Update
We had a great Summer Fundraiser and Raised 500.00 USD needed to complete our garden before our grand opening September 2021.
We still need 800.00 USD to have enough money for our summer Costs.

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Why do we need this money?
Pump & Tank Installation 500 Euros
Soil amendments Sheep Manure 200 Euros

Fall Wishlist 2021
Tree Planting 10 Fruit Trees = 100 e
Green House 800 e

ALL 2021 Finances

Operation Mobilization Start up Funds 2,500,00 e
Summer Fundraiser 500,00 e
Seed Money Fundraiser 200.00 e
Independent Donations 100,00 e
McCourtney’s Personal Money 500,00 e
Total 3800.00 Euros

All Expenses 2021

Date item Store Price  in Euros 
2/26/2021Plastic Containers and Soil Mega Mega 74
2/29/2021Wood for Learning Table & SignOkov 75.68
2/26/2021PlantsAgro Euro15
2/15/2021Wood Chipper Okov 189
2/15/2021Educational Games Mamut15
2/23/2021Stone Delivery Kips 45
2/23/2021Garden Stones Kips 140.25
2/23/2021Garden Fence Okov 839.34
3/18/2021metal Buckest and Garden Supplies Okov 75.16
3/16/2021Garden Gloves Agrarija 18.71
5/3/2021SeedsAgroCentar 13.25
4/23/2021Garden Bricks Kips 333.57
5/27/2021Fence Instalation & Gates Lazar 320
6/1/2021Irrigation System Agrarija 393.76
6/1/2021Border Plants Agrarija 150
6/15/2021Garden Tools Okov 150
6/15/2021Irrigation Hose and connections Agrarija 400
7/1/2021Pumpe and Power line Okov 550
Total 3797.72
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